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Our story,

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Welcome to Ef Cancer

  On Dec 20, 2015 my dream came true and we gave away our first $5,000 dollar cheque to the Sors family. 

  After spending some time with these people and getting to hear about their story, I can say with ease that this was exactly the type of family I set out to help back in the hospice.

   A journalist from the Langley Times covered the story and it made front page.   

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    In 2013 I lost my mom, Adeline Samborski to an eight month long battle with pancreatic cancer

   Before this experience with cancer, I never really knew what people being affected by the disease went through.  The ups and downs everyday would bring, the feeling of helplessness and the hard to forget visuals.  An emotional rollercoaster to say the least.

   I wasn't prepared mentally for the things I would experience and the stress became too much emotionally.  I missed a lot of work and the bills kept coming.  

   While in the hospice it was hard not to notice that so many people were going through a similar experience.  I thought about what some families out there must be going through with a sick child.  All I knew was money shouldn't be adding to stress during times like these.

​  Sitting by my moms side I decided that I would start selling t shirts to raise 5k to help out a family in need.


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  On the behalf of my family, we would like to thank everyone that has supported ef cancer over the past few years.


 A special thanks to TCF for allowing us to sell our ef cancer t shirts at Gone Country in Cloverdale.


  I dedicate this site and charity to my mom, Adeline Samborski.

  In your honour we  continue to help families in need.